Sponsor A Student Mission

Our mission is to assist the Education Committee of the Unitarian Union in running their program to build schools and provide education in areas that are lacking alternatives. While we are doing this, we build relationships one person at a time. Our children are sent encouraging letters by their sponsors, and the sponsors receive correspondence and photos in response. We aim for dignity and respect and mutual learning.

We respect that the Unitarian Union knows what is best for their area of the world, and knows how to implement programs to best meet those needs.

We respect that children from a small village in India have something of worth to share with a person in the US.

We respect that churches and congregations can best manage their own programs, tailoring them to their own capacities.

Along with running the schools, we have added some supplemental missions, which seem in sympathy with our primary aim.

  1. Teacher trainings, because teachers need support and continuing education.
  2. Orphan support, including the building of an orphanage nearby one of the schools. Because children without parents still, perhaps even especially, should have a right to an education.
  3. A centralized Book Bank, so that children don’t have to buy books.
  4. Nutritional meals, because hungry children don’t learn well.