Our program is simple. We connect Unitarian Universalists with a committee of Unitarians running rural village schools in northeast India (Khasi Hills). A church sponsors a school, they do this by encouraging members of the church sponsor a student. Each student in the school gets equal treatment—each receives the same benefits, because the whole school improves. Church members receive letters and photos of ‘their’ child. Students receive letters of support and encouragement from their sponsors.

It’s amazingly cheap to educate a child in rural India. $35 to $50 per YEAR will meet the budget. Some of these children make the highest ranks in state-wide tests. Working with little, the dedicated Unitarian teachers give all they can to make a difference in the life of a child. Won’t you give them a hand?

Sponsor A Student Mission Statement

The Unitarian Union in North East India runs schools as its largest and most ambitious social justice program. Most villages in the region have no school besides the one the Unitarians run, which is open to children of all religions. These village schools are very basic. Until recently, most did not have an outhouse or bathroom of any kind. Simple window holes with shutters let in air. A tin roof is something saved for. Children sit on benches. Most still have no library or computers. Usually, the schools serve children from other surrounding villages Some children walk up to 2 hours each way to get to the schools; there are no school buses! There is no running water at the schools or their villages, but drinking water is now being provided to many of the schools. It gets quite cold during the winter months, and because there is no heat, the schools close from mid December until mid February for a Winter Break.

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