“I believe that we can set up a program here in the U.S. that would hook up individual UUs from here with Khasi kids through the schools. And we can use the schools as a kind of social service organization to make sure that the kids get a good lunch each day … that they have their books and notebooks provided for them, instead of the usual need of having to buy them … ”

~ Rev. Eva (Hochgraf) Cameron upon her return from the Khasi Hills,

September, 2001


“I have been serving as Headmistress [of the Unitarian Mawkisyiem Lower Primary School] since 1972. The most urgent need is financial help. Up until now I have been working voluntarily.”
~ Rophimai Kharbithai, September, 2001
(fourth from left, bottom row)

How It Works:

We work to match up a congregation with a school in the Khasi Hills of India. These schools are run by the Education Committee of the Unitarian Union, but are open to all students in the village. The entire budget of the school is divided by the number of students in the school, giving your congregation the cost of sponsorship. Experience suggest between $35 and $50 for a year. The congregation asks members to sponsor a student for a year. Your congregation creates a team to bring this program to life.


What an annual gift of $35 to $50 will provide:

  • A living wage for teachers – The teachers at the school are good-hearted people who are devoting their lives to seeing that the children get a decent education. One of the primary uses of the money you donate will be to pay these teachers a living wage.
  • Books for the children to use – In India it is usual for parents to buy all the books for their children every year. This cost often presents a major obstacle in educating the children. This program will establish a book-lending program in which each child will have equal access to the necessary textbooks.
  • A safe and healthy environment – The school facilities are very simple and are in need of significant structural repairs and upkeep. During Eva’s visit in 2001 the roof of one school came open during monsoon season. Your money will go toward upkeep, repair, and new construction.
  • Winter Gift - Like a warm sweater or shawl. Purchased in India and provided for each child and teacher at the end of the year, this will be a tangible reminder of your friendship which will help keep the students (and staff!) warm during the winter months.

What we are looking for from a sponsor:

  • For this school year (and for as many in the future as you would care to continue), a modest annual donation – at approx. $35 to $50 per student
  • Twice a year, a letter and photo of yourself to be sent to the child(ren) you sponsor via a group mailing from your churches committee
  • Advice on development of the program and suggestions as to how we can make this a meaningful, interactive experience both for you and your student(s)

What a sponsor receives in return:

  • A photo of the student(s) you are sponsoring
  • Two letters from “your” student(s)
  • Periodic updates on the school and the project
  • A continuing connection with a tribal child who will benefit from knowing that somewhere in the world a fellow Unitarian cares especially for them
  • A blessing from the Khasi Hills: “Let God guide us while we manage this project, and our little minds fall in line with his/her Big Mind, in good faith for the welfare of those who need our help the most.”

Check the Resource section for the Guide Book for more nuts & bolts.

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